Spletno stran odprite s sodobnejšim brskalnikom, obstoječ žal ne omogoča delovanja in prikaza strani.

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Project SODELOVALNICA (»Collaboratory«) is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund.

Terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions govern the manner of access to the website www.sodelovalnica.si, the manner of use of data and documents (hereinafter: information), the use of online services and the responsibilities of the website operator and users. The operator of the website is the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (hereinafter: The Ministry or the administrator), and the technical administrator and contractor are Pristop, d.o.o. and Renderspace, d.o.o.

Terms of use

Use of the website is free and open (it does not demand any user registration).

The website is intended to provide general information about the project and intergenerational collaboration practices in the workplace. Once a year, a competition for companies is organized on sodelovalnica.si, which has its own rules and conditions of use.

Limitation of liability

Disclaimer of liability

The Ministry acts with the utmost care in collecting and processing information and takes care of its correctness and up-to-datedness, but its responsibility for errors in the information provided on this website is excluded. The user uses the content of the website at his own risk.

To ensure the appropriate quality of information, the Ministry may change the content (additions, removals) without prior notice.

Purpose of content

The published content does not represent legal advice or the position of the Ministry and have no legal consequences but should be only used as guidance and information.